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Facing problem Starting my car gets Fault code P1690 immobilizer Smartra wont respond . Now i get the hardware piece now problem with it its in good condition , coil start and 2 keys learnt put not smartra so when i try learn keys again " lunch x431 " first step ask me PIN CODE "car pin code ? Where can i get my car pin code ?? Any suggestions from where can i start
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A quick Google search found this document:

PIN Codes PIN code stands for of Product Identification Number code.

The PIN code is a unique code for each vehicle and it is programmed into ECM at production line.

PIN code is needed when the teaching new ECM and new keys, e.g.
1) When a new key is added
2) When replacing with new ECM or used ECM (neutralized ECM)
3) When a key is lost and needs to be deleted

Sounds like you may need to take a trip to the dealer.
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