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Pairing Fail

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So my Koup is less than a week old, the first 3 days the bluetooth worked flawlessly, i wasn't too keen on the feature at first but now i love it.

On my way to work the other day the car said "pairing fail" two or three times and stopped....i was like, hrm, that's weird but kind of ignored it.

Well yesturday and today was a different ball game. It just kept repeating "pairing fail" over and over. I couldn't shut off the radio unit, go into setup, or do anything besides adjust the volume. On my phone (blackberry 8330) I couldn't do anything because it kept saying "attempting to connect to forte koup"......."connection failed" and kept repeating.

The first time it happened i pulled the battery out of my blackberry. The second I shut the car off, shut my blackberry off, and then turned the car back on but shut off the bluetooth.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? It's pretty annoying. I tried deleting the phone from the forte and the forte profile from the phone and re-pairing it and it will work for about 2-3 trips but after that i get the "pairing fail" message constantly
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The Only thing i can think of is that it might be your phone. I had a piece of crap ( Samsung rant, and not saying your phone is ) but it did the same thing to me. Now i have the Droid by Verizon, and never happened since. ( over 6 months )
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