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Dear Friends,

It is with regret that we are announcing that we will be separating ourselves from our original group ‘GTAFK’ and moving forward with a new and improved group called United Kia Enthusiasts. Our focus will encompass not only the Fortes but will include all other models from Kia. Furthermore rather than limiting ourselves to modifications, we will be focusing on, for a lack of better words, a Kia Nation.

This separation is unfortunate, however due to some conflicting interests, it is necessary. It is our hope that you will join us in our new endeavor. Should you require further information, please feel free to contact any of our committee members.

Below is our new mission statement:

Jan 3rd, 2011

Just like the Kia Corporation, starting from humble beginnings, we at United Kia Enthusiasts are building this site from the ground up.

This new endeavor is designed with all Kia owners in mind, so whether you drive a Rio, Soul, Forte, Rondo, Magentis, Sportage, Soreneto, Borrego, Sedona or even the new Optima, this site is for you.

Members of United Kia Enthusiasts come from diverse backgrounds and of all ages. While the majority of us reside in North America, we would like to open this site up, globally.

Our focus is to bring people from around the world together, who share a desire for excellent styling coupled with financial sensibility. We feel that through our commonality, we will begin to inspire, be inspired and of course have some fun.

At United Kia Enthusiasts, we do not want to limit ourselves to just 'car talk', but rather begin to create a socially active, family friendly and socially conscious group whose key goals are to promote a sense of community, conscious and fun.

Of course, you’ll still be able to find relevant content and forums on modifications, but you’ll also be able to find other content that is relevant for all lifestyles. From A for automobiles to Z for zoology and everything in between, such as fashion, music, technology and travel, our goal is to create a site for everyone.

The future of the UKE, will include a Facebook Group and an active Twitter page mirroring our successes and those of the Kia brand. You will also see in the future, a web-based "swag" store where UKE member created ideas will come to life in the form of clothing. Of course, we also plan to create logos and graphics for your cars!

For those of you who already browse, you will see that through our partnership, the same goals can be reached. Very soon, you will see a number of Forte Forums members bearing the UKE brand, and begin their regional groups in their areas.

Forte Forums will remain a source of technical discussion, fantastic Sponsors and will fit nicely in it's own place.

With thanks,

Your Committee. (all of which can be reached for questions at during this transition)

Nalin (blkkoup)

Eddie (Koup SXR)
Marty (Nordic Wagon
Amanda (Nordic Chick)
Franco (koupedout)
Ben (gwildor)
Darryl (D113)

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Darryl from a stand point of owning a Rio that is great to hear. I won't feel like such an outcast if I show up to meets you guys are hosting now, and like you said it's better to have more of a *Kia Nation* then just a Forte club.

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Exactly correct!
I am part of a 4X4 offloading club as well as some others, we were limited to Xterra's only, then we re-thought our goals and opened it up to all 4X4 owners including Rover clubs, Jeep clubs, Yota clubs ect... So I am familiar with this movement. Let me tell you this, with all of our ideas and goals... As someone said before... It's gonna be "EPIC"!!!
I'm happy to be apart of it...
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