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photo shoot!!

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new pics...a good camera actually makes the car look a lot better! lol


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Looks great
thank ya!
very nice :))
You have a nice car but all the extra lettering [Redbull and on the windshield] is not up to standard with the rest of your car.
In the second picture it looks like your window or door is open or something
Yea, I saw that....idk WTF that is!! Lol
Looking good...
It's only like that on the pass. Side though
looking real good KIA..
very nice set up
Lookin nice sal, so much progression in the past 6 months of your car.
Looks awesome every time i see your car i want to paint mine like that...
looks like the glass caught on the weatherstripping in the 2nd picture
Never had a problem with my doors, maybe it's an optical delusion?? Lol
That's a unique looking car... Well done!
Stunning ...... excellent use of the flat black, understated yet poinient.
is it just me or do the rear wheels look bigger than the front... i like it regardless haha you've a very nice set up goin on man.
^^^its just you!! lol
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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