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Well the trip up to roadrace was a good one. The car averaged just under 36MPG on the way up and between 37-38 on the way back. It revs easier with the new crank pulley and pulls harder to redline thanks to the cat delete.

Here are the photos:

Going up!

Roman Inspecting the exhaust:

Swapping the Crank Pulley

Pulley the 2nd cat delete (for off road use only, of course :rolleyes:). They made two of these for folks who might want them for the above purposes. Remember, I have an SULEV car and the 2nd cat is not monitored so no issues with MIL/CHK Engine light/throwing codes.

And finally a nice shot of the whole exhaust setup (sorry about the blur)

Here are some photos of other cool projects in the shop...

Turbo Swift

One neat looking Susuki Sedan--I really liked it!
(Hey Forte Sedan owners--look at those wheels and roof! White and Silver Sedans especially look hard at this photo as they would rock on your car!)

Inside shot of the Susuki sedan

Their Road Course Racer Eclipse
(Their Carbon Fiber work is great and its how they started)

And finally a nice EVO is getting an upgraded Trans!

Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think of the mods to Roxy.

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Your pics look good, nice shots of the test pipe. The Suzuki sedan is the new Kizashi, that is the Kizashi Platinum that we built for Suzuki, it will be finished and at Chicago Autoshow.

The red Suzuki is our N/A project SX4, it is the new 2010 model with a 6 speed manual. I have one of the turbo SX4's Road Race built, too bad you didn't get a shot of it.
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