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Pierburg Valve

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Today I installed the GFB Mach 2 T9111 and a Pierburg valve since it seems like the thing to do. Everything is working perfect and I will update if anything changes. I ended up getting the 2 Pierburg valves out of curiosity. I bought the Ford (7.02087.05.0) and the Volvo (7.28197.16.0). I did not get the VW design ( N75 Race Valve BOV Solenoid Valve Upgrade Kit (Pierburg) – N75 MotorSports ) since I did not want a jumper harness adapter. These valves all have the same basic design with the differences being outlet/inlet diameters, plug design and possibly the internals. From left to right these are Kia oem, Volvo, Ford
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I decided to use the Volvo design since two of the ports are the same size as the Kia oem design, The Ford solenoid would have been harder to get the hoses on. To do my install I kept the original hose that goes to the intake manifold in place, for the other two hoses I bought 5/32 silicone hose and cut to fit. Ucreative 5FT High Temperature Silicone Vacuum Tubing Hose Black (5/32" (4mm)) : Automotive
I secured the Volvo solenoid to the oem bracket with 2 zip ties.

I have no idea if the oem solenoid would have been fine but I can say that the Car runs perfect with the Volvo one that I installed. Turbocharger Boost Control Valve - 7 28197 16 0 : Automotive

N75 has said the VW one is the best and most dependable. He might be right, I figure for $40 I can buy 3 of the Volvo ones if I had to. If anyone has more to add to this, please do since I am still not sure why some people need this to prevent a cel and others don't.
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N75 might be right to some degree, since the Porsche TCV is considered an upgrade in the Volvo community. However, I haven't had one of the Volvo TCVs fail, and I've had numerous turbo Volvos with over 200k miles on them.
I will say, I did install the Porsche TCV on one of my turbo Volvos in the process of trying to diagnose a boost issue that turned out to be something else. It did seem to improve spool and turbo response just a little bit, but who knows if that was due to something else that I fixed around the same time or simply placebo effect.
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