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I appreciate the time you take and care you put into your car. I wish more car owners were as enthused as us. Having been exposed to engineering and modifications my entire 30 years of existence, you get what you pay for. I personally like your effect, but I would have used a different medium. I'm planning to do something similar with lighting with mine. Negative comments are most likely to come because of your experience level, not because of your intended effect. Performing aesthetic modifications is a right-brain activity. You have to be an artist to do it. When I first started modifying my cars, I did similar work, and over time, my modifications became more intricate and polished (polished meaning quality of skill, not chrome. lol). So I say, more power to you. Keep em coming. As a community member I want to encourage everyone to continue honing their skills and provide constructive criticism, free advice, and positive reinforcement for improvement.
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