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If and when I acquire an SX I think the first thing I would do would be some form of intake mod. Turbo is for the rich young bachelor types (hence an SX over the EX as I am none of those...), I'm suspect of the whole aftermarket turbo business so pardon my input there. I think simple is the best place to start unless you are flush with cash, which you might just be ;)

The rims look well enough otherwise I'd be inclined to a set of Koup rims or better, maybe a 19mm rear sway from UR but the SX I drove yesterday was well behaved for my tastes and experience. And I might like some side skirts to cover up the Frankenstein spot welds along the bottom sides.

One reason I like this car so much is the fact that it's pretty great looking off the lot, sure it could use some spiffing up (a member here from Montreal did some amazing stuff to his Koup, but to the tune of 4+k!) but I wouldn't kick it outta bed because it hadn't been to the tanning salon!

Let the mods begin!

I agree. I think that simple is sweet. I am all about a nicely tuned stereo with the perfect power. No to much bass and just enough fill. I like the whole ground effects thing. I know from being a car salesman that you can get money back for that type of thing. I also know that if you have a car like ours which is an ECONOMY car...not a race car... it isn't designed to handle 300+ HP. Putting a turbo on this car is asking for trouble. Not to mention you will void the warranty on the motor...that much is for sure. That is a 10 year warranty. Maybe I'm just getting old. Stick with wheels and ground effects and some leds with nice tunes!!!!! My opinion
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