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Playing music via Bluetooth

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I just bought this 2011 Kia forte EX and I hooked up a phone via Bluetooth, it's a Samsung a32 but I can't play music
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Does the vehicle have oem/factory stereo or aftermarket installed?

If oem/factory:
▪︎Check & verify bluetooth & or device discovery is turned on phone.
▪︎Go to setting & make sure bt is turned on & scanning for available devices.
▪︎USB & or 3.5mm audio jack plugged into center console AUX can also be used (if vehicle is equipped)
The stereo will notify user pairing/syncing was supported & or successful.

If aftermarket:
▪︎Check & verify Bluetooth & or devices discovery is turned on phone.
▪︎Depending on model of stereo. User must manually check & activate device pairing/syncing Set up.
▪︎If syncing/pairing device to stereo, it may require user to click accept or "do you want to pair with....? or Allow device pairing Y/N?" Is completed.
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I have factory radio and if I remember. The car has to be in park in order for it to sync up via bluetooth.
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Hi thanks for the suggestions I did have it in park it synced but just not to my iHeartRadio app I haven't tried the USB cable yet
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I can only make calls or receive calls I can't connect my radio app via USB
Help I've been so trying so hard to hook up my radio apps to my car with the USB cable and or Bluetooth it says reading error when I hook it up to the USB cable 😭
It's possible your radio cannot play music over Bluetooth. The 2010 model cannot, so maybe some of the earlier 2011s can't either.

To play music thru USB, I think it needs to be more of a USB drive that has a folder of music on it; you won't be able to stream music apps from it...

You can buy an AUX cable and plug it into your phone and then into the AUX jack of the car, you will be able to play music through that. You can also buy a little Bluetooth dongle and stream the music thru that (plug dongle into the car's USB port, and plug the AUX cable into the dongle and the car's AUX jack, connect to dongle thru your phone's Bluetooth).
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My 2011 could not do music over bluetooth. It could read music from a flash drive but not from the phone. Music on the flash drive needs to be mp3's.
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You can diy or local bestbuy/car audio & video store install a 6.9in double din aftermarket stereo.

Crutchfield for necessary parts/components.
Bestbuy for in person for choosing a stereo you like to have installed.
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