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Powder Coat Stock wheel?

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I dont know if im alone out there but i love the way the stock wheel on my sedan sx looks. I've found a guy that'll powder coat them for me but im undecided on a color.... Any ideas? I have a Black SX sedan
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Ask someone with Photoshop skill!!
Ask someone with Photoshop skill!!
I am good with photoshop. I;ve done the bronze look and black look i just dont know
Post some pictures to give everyone an idea.
Will post in the next couple days. I didnt save them :( So i have to re-do it.
Personaly I perfer Black rims on a black car, bronze makes it look a little too much like a subaru. Thats just my opinion im sure either way it'll look great
Yea, i've come to the conclusion. im guna murder it out (black on black on black)
Gunmetal would look badass on a black forte...its not to dark, not shiney, and not too light...looks kickass in my books.
How about some dark metalic cherry! or you can do black with a red lip to go with your pinstrip!
could you still post the pic with the black wheel? I would like to see how that would look....

Ill try and post the pics tonight, been really busy
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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