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Power Window switch lights on EX??

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My new Forte EX has the backlight for the power window switches. But I noticed that on the drivers panel with the 4 switches, only the drivers window switch is lit, and on the passenger side the single switch is backlit. None of the back door switches or the remaining 3 on the drivers side panel are lit. Is this how they were designed or are mine not working? Thanks for your input.
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Has anyone been able to check, it's driving me nuts thinking they could be defective.

I really appreciate it. Thanks.
I think my dealer is lying to me. I asked and he said only the drivers window switch is backlit, not the other three. I also asked him to perform the TSB related to the fuel cap replacement, and they told me that issue was closed for my car's VIN. I told him how could it be closed, when it obiviously has the old fuel cap installed. Looks I will need to find an honest dealer repair shop.

I bet they kept all the new fuel caps that KMC sent them to sell to customers, instead of replacing them on their instock inventory.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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