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Prices paid for koup?

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I am curious what most people are paying for their Koups. Did you pay Sticker, more, or less? I stopped and looked at one on my local dealer's lot and they actually had the price marked up $1,400 do to "market adjustments." Given the current economy, that definitely took me by surprise. Just curious what kind of deals everyone is getting. I didnt notice if the koup was an sx or not.
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Got to and do a True Market Value Survey for your area. I paid 200.00 lower than the TMV for my area. I also made them take off the Dealer added crap b/c it was waaaaaaayy overpriced.
thanks..MSRP is 20,300 and 19600 is the TMV for my area. that dealer wanted 21,XXX and I am not sure it was even loaded with options...what crooks lol.

thanks for the information on the site.
I paid way under sticker. Just keep after the dealer!!!
DFW Area?

Has anyone purchased an SX Koup around the Dallas/Ft Worth area and could recommend a good dealer? I just moved here about six months ago and I'm not familiar with any of the dealers. Thanks in advance!
I paid way under sticker. Just keep after the dealer!!!
How much?
21,495 for my SX auto with the extra warranties, oil changes for 5 years in Ontraio Canada

are you serious? how about the taxes, Delivery and destination fee? I'm from Toronto.
Anthony... it came in at 24 all said and done

Hammer your dealership for at least $500 off sticker before you even get going. They'll do it, at least they did for me. I got mine right when they came out, ended up waiting close to 3 months for my colour to come so be prepared for a bit of a wait if you are picky with colour

Hell of a car though, worth the wait!
If anyone is a COSTCO member, they have a auto buying program. Online you can pick out the car you want (make and model) and they will refer you to a dealer. You are suppose to get and pay the invoice price. I paid $195 (USD) over invoice according to my calculations. Still a great deal, and would never have gotten that price on my own. Add ons such as remote start and alarm I got at cost.
Weasel, was there any promotion impacting the price when you made your purchase?? Looking from the KIA website, with taxes and everything it comes to 27500~.

How did you bring the price down as much?
yeah! that's what i am saying!. whyklef is right. it's 27,500 (canadian Dollars) including freight and taxes. so i was wondering how did you got you'rs for a less 4,000 dollars
Ok so I bought my Forte Koup today... Won't be having it before a month and a half... minimum that is!

I pretty much paid the retail price + 7 per month and I got:

Koup SX Black
Key Starter
Sherlock Protection
Winter Tires + Winter Rims

I personally feels like I could've got more but I really had a great buying experience and being a salesman myself, I appreciated the professionalism of my salesman which was a thousand years more efficient then the first salesman I saw that tried to hustle me in charging me higher then retail.
i jus bought my koup SX fully loaded, for $27,000 Canadian but only cause I paid cash, lookin at about 29 CAN
you paid cash for it which supposed to be 27k including taxes and delivery and destination and you paid 29k?? looks like you got ripped off!
I purchased my Koup SX on Dec 30th and paid $24,500. I became very aware that the dealership wasn't going to dicker on price because the car I bought was the only one available in Vancouver at the time and the demand is growing. Now that I've been driving it for a few days, I can see why. I love this car and it's around 5k less that a comparably priced Mazda 3 or Civic.
hey guys... the breakdown:
should have been 27,500 with the colour surcharge + taxes the whole deal

I got them to drop $500 off the bat from the sticker. I then worked in the oil changes and the extra warranty (the Kia official one where you get 2K back if you dont make a claim in 7 years) in exchange for $3000 cash down.

So i signed and drove for $3000 down and it came to approx $24,000 using the future financing
Sounds Pretty Good Weasel. FOr how many months and how high was you're interest rate? do you have a good credit score/rating??
brutal credit after my old business went under... I was originally quoted 16% but shopped around to find 12.4%

It's a 60 over 80 future financing deal

good thing is I can re-finance after the 60 and should be in good shape to lower the rates by a ton then
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