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Prices paid for koup?

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I am curious what most people are paying for their Koups. Did you pay Sticker, more, or less? I stopped and looked at one on my local dealer's lot and they actually had the price marked up $1,400 do to "market adjustments." Given the current economy, that definitely took me by surprise. Just curious what kind of deals everyone is getting. I didnt notice if the koup was an sx or not.
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ohhh.. I am thinking if im gonna go for future financing or just the ordinary financing. because i am planning to put a downpayment around 15k next winter. Any suggestions?
not too sure what would be the best bet... for what it's worth you arent locked into the 60/80 with future finance, you can put any amount down including full payment for the car at any point
Got my Corsa Blue Koup Sx fully loaded, leather trim, sunroof, wheels and tire warranty...22K flat! Loving my new Koup!!
I am hammering out the details with the dealer now, i am looking at 19500 with leather interior and sunroof added. Forte Koup SX, 6 sp manual, Corsa blue. Hope to have it Wednesday, I have to drive 6 cities over to pick it up.
Just bought mine today for all in cash price of $23450 (MT burnt orange) included 2 way car starter, tinted 3 back windows, the tire protection package, and ETCH.

Edmonton AB

They started at over 26000..4 trips to the manager later.... its amazing how they will come down to prevent you from going across the street to look at a Genesis.
kia forte koup white sx
for 25000 canadian final off the lot price

did i get a good deal guys?

oh i live in vancouver bc canada~~
I ended up paying $26,300 CDN after all the etc. etc. etc BS they tack on. They did tint the windows for free and gave me a fair price for my trade in.
Orange SX 6MT
yeah, I have an SX I just bought today for 21000 with TTL. The dealership was pretty rough on the discounts.. wouldn't even throw in the ipod cable!! But hey, I think it all depends on the dealer. Find a nice salesman, and see how it goes.
so appearantly i didnt get a good deal after all. with my car, there was interest to the loan i applied for for the financing, 1400 on the insurance that incase i become crippled or hurt and cant work, i don have to pay for 6 months. after all the talking and bashing, the final price was 26700.

white forte koup sx with 6spd manual.

loves it. OH i did get a free ipod cable tint, no floor mats, nothing but the cable...sigh
OK, here's my deal in Montréal:
Koup SX
6 speed
Bright Silver
Tinted windows,
Kia winter rubber mats
AutoProtek engraving,
Michelin X-Ice Xi2 215/45-17 winter tires mounted on original SX rims (already got ASA AR-1s 18inchers stacked up in the garage for summer:)) and I kept the OEM all season Goodyear LS-As.

Out the door for 24,960$ CDN cash deal (personal bank loan), all taxes included. Saleslady was tall, slim, charming mid-20s looker; never had so much fun buying a car! (and it's the 21st car I've bought)(yeah, yeah I know... but I'm 49, been around the block a few times)

Deal sounds OK based on what I'm reading here...

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Hello everybody...this is my first post.

Purchased last week Koup SX 6 spd, leather, sunroof for $19379 - $500 for trade-in incentive...$18,879 out the door with 0% 36 mth. I emailed every dealer in Missouri and Head Motors came out on top.

Good luck buying

Leased mine for no money down and 208.00 a month. Looks like price for the Koup was 17,900 before incentives. Dealer needed to move cars because I called other dealers in Iowa and now one could understand how they did it with an EX with sunroof.
Paying roughly 24,500 for mine after taxes and whatnot. Not the best deal on this thread, but I'm definitely getting my money's worth no matter how you look at it!
Re: Price?


I got the best quote by email below. Can you tell me this is resonable or how lowest I can ask for?
Thank you for your help in advance.

The 2010 KIA FORTE EX KOUP with automatic transmission, moonroof and upgraded audio package is $15,646.00 plus tax, title, license plates and destination charge.

You will also pay $695 for the destination charge, $154.38 for the documentary fee in Illinois, $25.00 for the electronic license plate filing fee, $194 for new license plates and your tax will be 8% based on your home address
Bought my Koup SX at Kia Vancouver on Marine Drive in Canada.

MSRP - $22.798 or something.

Negotiated price - $21,198

Freight and PDI - $1598

Taxes at 12% - $2798

Ok here comes the BULLSHIT - dealer profit, dealer admin fee's, enviro levies, other government charges, financing charge, premium car care package, ect.... ect..... - $2000

Total price - $ 27,594

I mean this used to be a $21,000 car and in the end with every bodies greedy f**kn hands in the jar its nearly 30 grand. Whatever I dont really care because theres nothing I can do about it. Im just glad this Koup SX is in my driveway!
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I paid $20016 for mine in Cincinnati, Ohio:
Racing red SX, 2.4L, moon roof, leather (steering wheel, shift knob, etc,) cargo net, but no heated seats or mirrors. That price included invisible shield on the hood and mirrors and tinted windows.

The dealer also provides one free car wash per week for the life of the car.

The price I listed does not include the gap insurance I purchased for $100 per year.
I sold cars a number of years ago and will give you the invoice of the car. Don't bother with the "what others are paying stuff" that's a very high average of your market and if people are paying full sticker plus that will drive that number up.
Get the invoice price of the car and the options you want from Edmunds then add those up and go to the dealer and offer $100-200. above the invoice and do your homework BEFORE you go to the dealer about what incentives and rebates there are
at that time. REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU BUY ANY NEW OR USED CAR....THE FIRST THING THAT THEY TEACH YOU IN CAR SALES SCHOOL IS THAT 'IF YOU CAN MAKE THE PERSON LOVE THE CAR LITTLE ELSE MATTERS". So guys, go into the dealership with what you want to pay, stick to that, and be prepared to WALK OUT if the numbers are too far off. Believe me, they will be calling you offering a more acceptable number.
I am in Daytona Beach and I am not buying my Koup until June or July. I am paying cash (I know most people can't do that) but I have 3 dealers in Daytona and Orlando wanting my business and I haven't talked price yet. You just ask questions
on line to a salesperson until you find one you believe is knowledgeable about the car
then start with him....
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Maybe I can add to my post by telling you what I did two weeks ago. I talked to a dealer in Orlando about a racing red Koup SX with the factory leather package and he had one on his lot. I drove over and looked at the car and it had a wing on it which is another thing I want but I didn't tell him that. I drove the car (my third test drive of the Koup SX) and the window sticker was 20,090 USD with another 1,900 USD for "adjusted market value" and the add on dealer sticker said 600. for the wing. The salesman knew in advance I wasn't going to buy until June or July but spent 2 hours with me test driving and discussing the Koup. Am I going to pay 600 for a wing that I can get here locally painted and installed for 250. NO. Am I going to pay the "adjusted market value" of 1,900 NO. The difference between the factory invoice on and the 20,090 factory sticker is 1,700. BEFORE any of this other "add on market value stuff" and remember that ANY dealer installed option will be generally DOUBLE the price you can get it for aftermarket if you do your homework. Will I go back to that dealer to buy the Koup, sure but ONLY if the PRICE IS RIGHT. REMEMBER, you have the rest of your life to love the car AFTER you PAID THE RIGHT PRICE. Know what you want and what you want to pay for it and keep your emotions out of the dealership.
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Just got my Koup SX fully loded with tinted windows, deflector, ipod cable, rubber winter matts, and wheel locks for 21,000 even... taxes and dealership fees came in around 25,500!
Just got my Koup SX fully loded with tinted windows, deflector, ipod cable, rubber winter matts, and wheel locks for 21,000 even... taxes and dealership fees came in around 25,500!
Hi, KoUpKiD905.
Is your car a standard or automatic?
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