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problem with HID

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so this is the second time ive had this happen, for some reason the left HID turns yellow. i use 35 watt 8000k HIDS. If this has happened to anyone else, please let me know what you have done, im tired of taking my car back to the people who installed them and get new ones.
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Try 55 watts. What brand hid kit is it?
wont 55 watt bulbs melt your headlights? thats what ive been told, and i have no idea what brand they are haha
I got 55 and I've had no problem for about 6 months now. Look up the hid thread. Probably find your answer in there. Master sticky thread
When I first ordered HIDs the company sent me yellow HIDs for my headlights by accident. 3000K is yellow
Ply2wn, I had the same problem with my 5000k. The left side was more of a pink color than the right side which was a pure white. It bugged me so I bought a new set of 6000k and they've been the same color. The only thing I could think of is either it was a bad bulb or I may of got oil from my skin on the bulb?
idk what the problem is, but after trying like 8 bulbs and them all turning yellow, we tried a new ballast for shits and giggles, and wierdly enough its the ballast causing the issue.
Problem solved, congrats. When my bulb was turning a pinkish color on the left side I immediately thought maybe the ballast was bad so I switched the right and left bulbs and the left bulb (now on the right side) still turned a pinkish color, so I just ended up replacing the bulbs.
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