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To me, dealers charging for this service is something that is really not necessary. Although, I'm sure the dealers would disagree, as it does take up their time and they need to be compensated for their time and (work?).

I googled "GDS programming remote for kia" and came up with this site...although I haven't tried it... so give it a shot b4 spending 50 bux at a dealership.
I think dealers certainly have a right to charge for this but I think it's also short sighted. I took 2 key FOBs in to be programmed. On the phone they told me it would cost about $20. I did not have an issue with that. When I got there the guy at the counter took about 5 minutes to program both. This included walking into a back room to get the machine to connect to the OBDII port. Some dealers want $50 for this? Guy said, it's free today... think about bringing your car here when you need service. That is how you do business.

As far as programming yourself. I searched and searched. Nothing worked. I think it's only possible via dealership machine and the OBDII port.
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