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this episode w/that dealer- proves to me- that KIA could jump ahead even further in sales if they got their dealers trained up on net skills.
if the salesman had just quit his "talk w/me on the phone" bit- answered the questions, if his manager hadnt responded to me as Mr.Black. (even after having provided my name and email,which is my name-the only time black came up was black ext/black int...)
seriously... if he couldnt answer questions straight up thru an online discussion- why would i drive 100 miles one way to meet him face to face just to see that he is still clueless?

on the other hand- the closest KIA dealer to me- his salesman maintained an ongoing conversation with me over a week or two- he kept pushing what was on his lot....
(he sorta hinted around that he could find what i wanted- but made it out like it was going to cost me)
i was going to his lot to buy my 7th favorite choice (which was on his lot)
when i sat down at computer one last time before going to him......
when i found my dream car.

next day- that guy sent me an email saying that he missed me coming by. i explained to him what had happened....he congratulated me for getting what i wanted, was sorry he wasnt the one able to sell it to me. classy.

i really think KIA needs to work on their entire franchise and get all their people (and their web guys) up to speed on the fact that more and more people are actually buying their car online before they even hit the dealership. gone are the days when people say- oh i am going to buy a car- then saunter down to the dealership and let the sales guy sell them something.

nowadays- a huge number of buyers are better armed with info on the car they want than what the sales guy knows about the car....(my 'salesman' kept telling me that when the ECO light comes on- that i am saving gas- in my 6spd SX american.....)

i esp loved the part when my salesman told me the big open space at the back of the engine up under the windshield .......was where they turbo can be placed......then later- when discussing the warranty- i asked i can go ahead and put a turbo there? ........his face got alsorts of discombobulated........hahahahhaha

i sure love my lil SXy....
ahhh if only the salesmen training on their cars were anywhere close to complete..
when i went to my dealership I was originally looking at used and going to get an 06 mazda 3 sport
I knew alot more about that car than the salesman, which I guess was excusable because they had absorbed the mazda dealership just a couple weeks before.
Then, I even knew more about the forte than him! lol
And the parts people can't tell me if stock soul wheels would fit the forte (they do, I wanted the 16's on the lowest trim because I want stock looking wheels but not hubcaps lol)
All kinds of questions unanswered, but whatever... the dealers who can't get their stuff together will go under because there ARE dealers out there doing good work=]
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