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Q's about Sharkfins

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So I really like the look of a sharkfin antenna but have a few questions about them before I seriously consider doing it:

1) Does it negatively affect the reception at all?
2) Do they install easily?
3) Do they seal off properly to not cause any water leaks in the roof?
4) How does the antenna wire fix to the inside of the sharkfin and does it actually stay in where it's supposed to? I've read in this forum about one person's issues with the wire routinely falling out of the sharkfin and ruining his reception. Is this a legit concern?
5) Are there any other problems, concerns or reservations a person should consider before putting one in?
6) Lastly, which one do you recommend?

Sorry for the interrogation, I just want to make sure these things are solid before I even think about putting one in. Any and all input from people with experience with these is GREATLY appreciated:)
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all the questions are answered to the Visualgarage sharkfin

1) yes FM quality will be about 90-95% unlessyou are close to a tower
2) simple install 1/10 - serach the forum for the VG Fin install
3) 3M Foam gasket is strong enough to go through a touchless wash
4) wire fixes with a screw, i have had no issues - but if you are worried some loctite in the middle of the screw wont hurt
5) no problems personally - i listen to satellite and have a 1 sec dropout once a day max .. a few radio stations that are far have worse reception..
6) VG Sharkfin - IMHO it looks better than most stock fins..
Regarding the last question, I think the vg antenna is nice but there are better ones. Other that that, the above is pretty much solid
Aidensgrand...IYO what is the best one and why?
Aidensgrand- like littlejake says, which ones do you think are better & why?

sxKoup- I checked out the VG site and really like the looks of their fins (not too big & gaudy, but still sporty) and they seem easy enough to install but they don't have one listed for the Koup. Do you know which one to get?

Thanks again for the help guys.
Korean Auto Imports

I think this style is much nicer and I know of a few rides on here with it. Not this one in particular from the site but I know of companies that sell them for our cars. Not sure off the top of my head which ones tho
well since the link Aidensgrand gave was to see the setup .. here is the link to the product.. Korean Auto Imports - obviously it is NON FUNCTIONAL.. Korean auto imports one is the tiny little look that I dont actually like.. ive seen it in person and it looks awkward IMO.. so like I said to each his own.. just make sure they are functional.. the VG sharkfin has their circuitry wrapped on the inside of the antenna to actually function.. not sure how much the performance/quality would be affected and that is if it is even functional..

if you want to see how a non functional will perform for you.. just remove the current antenna and drive around .. I leave the city often so I get crappy reception out of toronto

Ryan - Just email VG with your model and color and they will send you a paypal bill for the forte koup! --
heads up.. if you plan on wrapping your roof black -- order the black and wrap your roof before installing it... if your painting your roof black then you can paint the antenna when you have the roof painted..
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Well yes that antenna is non functional but there are companies that do offer them. My buddy bought one from kia that went on a sorento or something and put it on there. I'm just using that picture as an example. The vg antenna is nice but I like this style instead.
Awesome!!! Thanks for the help fellas. I really appreciate it. I think I found the one I'm gonna go with.
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