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Hey guys, long time no chat! Been SUPER busy, but I am finally back from Afghanistan and in San Antonio! Got a question. I had a friend point out to me that I have a dent in the driver's side rear quarter panel just above the wheel well and want to get a new one. Does anybody know the cheapest route to fix this? Is it just going to be taking it in to the dealer, or a regular body shop?

Thanks for any insight.

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lol noodile- so based on my calculations- you are at minus 3050 minutes....
and demoralizer--- your crease is actually above the rear wheel? wow.
i got the crease thingy- but it only shows up in cold temps- and only on the middle of the passengers side door...

dont know a fix for it- but wth - add 5 mins to noodiles total sum and do a search :)

(and glad to see you got back from sandland ok- my brother just got back from his 5th go round...yay!)
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