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I just bought and received this fascia from ebay for 38$ shipped and really like the quality of it:
OEM 08 10 Kia Forte Dash Board Center Fascia Plate 1pc - eBay (item 200544227926 end time Dec-16-10 06:43:52 PST)
The problem is, is that it has a 9.2 inch opening diagonally and the navigation unit i am getting (clarion nx500) is a decent amount smaller with having an almost 7" screen. I wasnt aware of the double din size being that big but the nav unit also comes with bezels that can fit in to make it bigger i guess. Is there any way I can do any modifying to the system or double din if this doesnt fit?? I I have seen other double din fascia's like this but the correct size for my screen but a lot more expensive. Should i just bite the bullet and buy one of those or do you think I can manage while also looking good with this fascia? Thanks everyone
that facia is designed to fit an OEM type "special" dvd unit as the chinese call them which is slightly bigger than a standard d\din unit u can purchase another smaller frame that fills in the gap or... u can try the adaptors that come with your unit there are 2 different sizes of chinese made facias, oem and d/din you need the latter for a proper fit
hope this helps;)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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