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Question about light control

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I am wanting to put LED lights in my car, and run lights under my car this weekend. The thing is I would like to be able to run them threw the controls for my speaker lights.

I think it would be cool if I could sink them together so they all flashed at the same time.

Has anyone done this or is it even able to be done?
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I wanted to do the exact same thing, I have 2 red lED strips but I couldn't figure out how to connect them to the speaker door light switch, it would be so sick If I could I'm still trying to figure it out. :)
I am looking into doing this same thing. From what I have been told it is possible, but I am not sure as to how easy it would be to do it yourself without some basic knowledge of electrical wiring. It seems the other issue would be how much the lighting control could actually handle.

If anyone has done or tried this please let me know
LEDS dont take too much power to run. if you've done any research on the audi headlight mod or the puddle lights mod, they use wire taps (sold in your neighborhood auto parts store) and then its just a matter running wires so they dont pinch when the door is closing.
most of this electrical wiring is similar to one thing or another. really its just positive and negative wiring.
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