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RaceChip RS

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Well after much consideration I decided to buy the RS version with the APP .. IMO the best option all things considered .. you only miss out on the 7th map tune that comes with the GTS.
First off I have to say the RS was much more than I anticipated .. when I first cranked it up and took off, in a normal manner, I could immediately tell the difference in the throttle response and then when I gave it the gas … WOW .. what a difference and this was only on MAP 4 .. I have played around with MAP 6 a little bit and it is quite a bit peppier than Map 4.

I have the APP installed on my phone and IMO it should come standard with all versions .. It allows you to set up 3 driving modes (they can be modified at any time by you) … this is what I set mine up as: Race – set at 6 .. Sport – set at 4 .. and Eco – set at 2.

I went to the RaceChip HQ in Florida and had it installed .. I couldn’t get my hand down far enough to reach the plugs with the Takeda Momentum CAI installed (and I had a really hard time installing it – I passed this on to Panda Motorworks) so it was worth my time to take it to the experts.
I really appreciated the time they took to explain the RaceChip app .. they were very thorough and explained it so that any person could understand the functionality … they showed me some of the functions I was not aware of that having the RaceChip app offers … like “valet” mode and my favorite the ability of RaceChip to download an upgraded version that has been vetted by them to your Chip .. in other words if a customer with a Kia/Hyundai with the 1.6T gets his vehicle dyno tuned and it is verified as being safe by RaceChip .. they have the capability to push that version of the tune out to all other Kia/Hyundai 1.6T owners that have the RaceChip app.
I would highly recommend RaceChip and the Florida HQ they will treat you well and answer all your questions.
I intentionally left out RaceChip personnel’s names that I worked with on this … but the CEO of RaceChip Americas came by and talked to me and gave me a nice “goodie: bag … I will pass along names if you message me.
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