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Racechip XLR installed

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Easy install. I bought the bluetooth version that works with the Racechip GTS that I already have hooked up to the Racechip app on my phone. I took one quick drive with the XLR in race setting. It does exactly what I wanted the throttle does what I expect it to now. The single best thing for me is that now I can actually rev match downshifts like a pro. That is worth every penny right there. I am able to control the throttle between shifts much better as well which was something I was hoping to remedy.
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I mounted the control unit under the center console with the velcro tape supplied. You don't need to remove the gas pedal to install the plug, it is right at the top and can be removed easily once your able to depress the lock tab. If you get the bluetooth model your done, just pair it with the Racechip app.

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Once you drive with it off and in sport mode, you're going to turn the XLR right back on. Driving around town will be much smoother, rev matching will be so much more fun, and acceleration will be more exhilarating. When you add those bushings, it's like driving the car for the 1st time feeling.
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