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Radio static when in Reverse?

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I didnt think anything of it at first, but when I put my car in reverse, the radio gets static interference:(. Only when on FM, not SAT or AM, AUX, USB. First I thought it was where I parked, under a tree or near a lamp post. But it does it every time no matter where I am. Thought it could be my LED's I just put it, so put back the original bulbs and I still get the problem. I'm am thinking bad ground but I don't know where to look. Going to stop by the dealer on my way home to see if they know. Just wanted to know if anyone else had this issue or heard of it before. Everything is stock on my car except for LED brake lights and reverse lights.
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I can't remember who posted it but they said they were having problems with static on their radio related to their LED's also.
It happens even when the regular bulbs are/were in. It happened before I ever put the LED's in but I didnt think anything of it because of what I was parked near.
Oh I see, well if it happened before you even put them in then I'm not sure what to attribute it to.
Well I went to the dealer and through some trial and error, we came to this conclusion. Both my regular bulbs and my LED bulbs were causing interference with the radio. Put in new regular bulbs and everything was fine and dandy. Both me and the techs we confused at this issue. But then I thought to myself, how much time do I spend in reverse? So, knowing that my radio isn't bad, I am just going to leave the LED's in. I don't think they will cause any electrical issues.
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