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So I started with one 12... then I got another....

How exactly do I remove the rear deck? Ive bought some dynamat that I want to install, and ive read D113's post about using the foam-tubing and I want to try that aswell.

But is that going to do it? It seems that alot of the pounding is comming straight up the middle of the deck. Let me try to explain this better, the rear deck is vibrating against my rear glass, but alot of rattle is comming straight from the middle of the plastic, the molding itself is making the nosie! It takes a firm hand pressing on it to stop it. My question I guess then is; what do I try next if that dosent stop the horrible rattle?.... no need to mention going back to one!:D

Next post: how to stop the glasses-holder rattle.....

(2-12's 1-500w mono-amp)

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Put some dynamat on the underside of the deck. Give it some weight. Put some on the top of the trunk ceiling/metal under the deck.

I'm not sure which foam pics you saw.. I changed from one foam to another.

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Will post a build log of this.
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