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Recall part not arrived after 5 weeks

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I was just wondering what the time frame is on a recall. It has been 5 weeks since I took the car in and they said the parts are on back order. As you can imagine I am starting to get fed up. Does anyone know what the timeframe is before I can start asking for compensation. The recall which I have is on the shock absorbers... some rubber ring needs to be added because it has cracked?!

Also, does anyone else have trouble with the manual shifting? I find that if I idle the engine and then slowly step on the gas (as you drive in traffic) the car basically misfires?!

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I had an issue with my Air compressor, the dealership told me up to 4 months to get the part as they were backordered....

I called KIA Canada, talked to customer service and she re-routed me one that was currently in the air. I had it within 3 days. So I suggest calling your Head office.

Keep in mind your issue is a TSB not a recall....they will do this service whenever your vechile comes in...with that being said if you never borught vechile to them it would have never gotten done. So I think you will be out of luck for compensation.
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