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Recommended torque

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Just bought a strut bar,could someone give me the recommended torque for the nuts that hold the struts please .
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As per -
Tightening torque Nm (kgf.m, lb-ft) :
140 ~ 160 (14.0 ~ 16.0, 101 ~ 115)

- that is for front strut assembly to front axle.

the 3 top strut mounting bolts torque to their tight. their is no recommended tightening torque listed I could find. when I did mine I torqued till they were tight.
okay 101 to 115 foot pounds, and also can i remove all three nuts ? the weight of the car should keep the strut in place.
Yes, while vehicle is in park, with ebrake, on level ground.
Thanks gripphard,ebrake,you meant handbrake?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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