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REGULATED HID Picture Thread. (read rules)

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This thread will be regulated.

The Rules are:

1. Pictures of Fortes only. (sedan, koups, and 5s)
2. Post Picture and state color temperature.
3. Any post containing no pictures will be deleted.
4. NO Bitching, whining, or thread jacking.
5. If its not a standard kit (not 35W, then state that its 55W because colors change with Different wattage)
6. Optional you can say where you got it.
7. Non forte pictures WILL be deleted

Show me what you got.
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I guess i'll start with KOUP pics:

5000K Lows and Fogs.
DDM Tuning

and here's what it looks like on the road.

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10000k Purple
ad off Facebook
currently removed for retrofit.

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DDMtuning 8000K Headlights
Nokya 2500K Foglights

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DDM Tunning 6000K Lows
Stock Fogs


Also posting a short video of how it looks at night from drivers perspective & outside.


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DDM Tuning 35w 4500K (@ the DDM store in CA) [ZS7]

Warming UP


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DDM 6000K Lows

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1st pics have 2 other cars in it for comparison Sonata (projectors, 6000K), and IS300 (4300K OEM reflector HID I believe). Mine are DD 6000K.

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^ lol

4300K 35W DiodeDynamics, Mini H1 projector retrofit

Compared to my dad's '07 Sonata halogen projectors:
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