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Remember the Fast & Furius 5 movie long bridge scenes is nice combination for 2021 Forte GT2 with some 243 HP and 280 lbs torque and 4 Pilot Sport 4S

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I use this bridge on occasion to avoid a huge traffic jam developed about 5 to 7 pm almost every day. Most people go to de Internationa Airport. and most of them are LATE to catch a flight.

You know for sure the movie was filmed mostly in PR. Although they make havoc during the film and destroyed some 200 cars. There are some interesting scenes facts and curiosity that are part of all these movies left behind when they finished their production. The supposed Police Department is in fact two government building one facing north and the other south. I have several customers in that building. It was confirmed as a fact that they destroyed several of the fire department emergency hoses.

Some specs of the bridge. It is 4 lanes straight for 1.4 miles, and it is mostly somehow empty. Well, I can say my GT with some enhancement toped 140 MPH with not much difficulty. I believe it will hit 150 MPH and maybe 160 MPH shown in the central cluster. The road is very flat and well-constructed in cement and has almost no bumps or holes.

It is a good place to test our cars. But one must be very aware because the fine if a trouper is caught you are severe and one may lose their license for several months the first time ah, and an additional minimum of $500 fine and/or 3 months in jail according to the judge feeling that day.

(7) Fast Five Final scene bridge Part 3 - YouTube

(7) Fast Five (2011) | Vault On The Bridge | 31kash Movie Clips - YouTube

Teodoro Moscoso Bridge - Wikipedia

This is the bridge:
Water resources Ecoregion Map Natural environment Body of water

These were supossed to be the Brazil Local Police Department, but in reality is a complex of 2 big building (North and Shouth) were many of the government Agencies reside.

Land lot Urban design Grass Residential area Landmark

And this is the area commonly known in PR as the "Golden Mile" because it is a small scale of Wall Street in NY. Most of the big banks are in this area.

Map Nature Infrastructure Urban design Land lot

Cheers! Check the links are very entertaining.


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My younger daughter wanted a blacked out charger with a push bar for her first car after seeing that movie, I ended up getting her a 2015 Forte EX instead. Once she found out the seats and steering wheel were heated she was fine.
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