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Remote Start-$479 installed...Good Deal???

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A local dealer in NJ has an offer for the oem remote starter installed for $479? Does anyone think this is a great deal? My warranty will still be 100% intact being this is done at the kia dealer right?
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tripleb36 -

I bought mine from Gary Rome Kia in Conn. for under $300 and installed it MYSELF. If you're not a handyman sort, and are scared of taking a good deal of your dash apart, then go for the dealer-install.

I happen to LOVE my OEM remote starter. You will TOO.
I got a viper 5701 remote start /alarm system on mine and paid under 430 installed and has a warrenty and they will take it out for free whenever I want. That's not a bad deal tho is it an alarmn system too?
My dealer said $700 installed,

I got a crimestopper for $320 installed (USD)
my dealer quotes me $237 INSTALLED anything over 400 unless it comes with a top notch alarm... (which i think many will agree dont really work any ways)... is insane! Shop around to a couple other kia or hyundia dealerships thats what i did.
That's way too expensive.

Get yourself a good aftermarket alarm/starter installed by a professionnal. You'll have more, for less $.
Voiding Warranty

Wont these aftermarket ones void out certain parts of my warranty?
I just called my dealer, and they said $399 installed.
Somewhere on this forum I found the part number for the 'KIA' branded remote start option for the Forte Sedan. I took the number to my local dealer (who had of course never heard of it), called KIA Canada who apparently told him that there probably wasn't enough demand in Canada and the part wasn't available.

Hello? KIA? Anybody home? Considering the weather up here, no one needs it more than us. If you need a volunteer to test the first unit, call me...

Then the dealer told me that I could get an aftermarket one installed for $700 +. Yikes, for that kind of money, it better come with someone to brush the snow off the car. :)
Im planning on having a remote starter installed soon and was quoted $400 but not sure what that included.
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