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Remote-start on a manual... anyone got it?

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Hi all,

I'm in the FAR Canadian North (far as in, Fairbanks is a day and a half from here). It gets cold and it stays that way for awhile. Auto-start is a must.

I have an SX Koup with the 6-sp manual, and I'm having trouble finding someone to do a remote-start install. Was wondering:

1) Anyone out there who HAS had a remote-start successfully installed on an M/T Forte?

2) What brand? How has it been working for you?

I'd really, REALLY like to know. Our local Kia store also sells Subarus, and they've usually done well using the same unit on both. But they've got one they installed on another SX Koup (the one I was SUPPOSED to buy, as a matter of fact... long story), and they can't get it working. Obviously, they don't want to install one for me until they get it nailed.

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My previous car had a remote start system (I installed it my self).I really miss it.

I believe that all remote start systems require the vehicle's parking brake engaged in order for it to work. The problem with M/T is that people usually have it in gear when parked (so it won't go rolling down the street). Just having the parking brake engaged may not be wise. Another thing to note is that our cars have a switch on the clutch, and thus, the car won't turn on unless the switch is pressed down.

The parking brake and clutch switch can easily be bypassed, but removing these safety checks is probably not a good idea. It's more convenient on auto.

would be interested to see if anyone has had a remote start system on a M/T car...
I'm also in the market for an auto start on my 6 speed sx. Would love some more info
I have a remote starter / alarm combo on my 6speed. It's made by compustar and it the dronemobile.

Video of it here. It works by remote or iPhone app

Also in order to get the car into "reseravation mode" you need to have the car in neutral and e brake on. If you hit the brake after without having the key in, it turns it off.

Also once the car is set and you are out of the car I'd you re open a door without remote starting it, it kills the remote start feature and you have to start it via key or put it back into reservation mode.
I think all remote starts are manual compatible, but they require the addition of a neutral safety switch kit.
I have the cheapest one available Nordic Start 149.99$ installed at futureshop. You need a clutch bypass and one other thing. I think it came to just over 200$. I didn't care about fancy features, just like a warm car.
Thanks for the responses, everyone.

Yes, I'm aware it's POSSIBLE to get remote start on a manual. I had a nice little 2-way system on my '93 Civic (2-way means the car will send a signal back to the remote to indicate it started successfully).

My question was: has anyone had a remote successfully installed on a FORTE MANUAL? Especially since my local Kia dealer is having trouble getting that to work right now.

Beast: Thanks for your response. I've heard about the Compustar system, and tried to arrange to get one installed when I picked up my Koup in Calgary. Didn't get time to do that, unfortunately. I do know the Compustars come highly recommended (I'd been shopping for a Viper, and the Calgary shop told me they don't work well for manuals).

There's a private installer here in Whitehorse... I'll see if he can get a Compustar and install it for me... Otherwise I guess I'll be taking a week off work and driving down to Alberta *sigh*
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Good luck!
A remote starter can be installed on any car, manual or auto, you just gotta have the right unit.

Find a competent installer and you will be pleased!

duncanville1: you don't need a "neutral safety switch kit", whatever that is.
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