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Hey ! Salut !

i searched a bit and did'nt found the answer, or maybe it's just... 'not yet' !

Has anybody removed the really-good-looking-and-soooo-attractive flat black vynil from their pillars ?

I did it on my Élantra 'cause it was worn, and it resulted something really nice for cheap (cost = 0) !
went from


But... under the black tape, there was a little surprise :
- Some rust, because the car was a 6 y/o... so on a new car, i don't expect to see that
- Some places looked like if the clear was sanded with some 180 grits, maybe for a better adherence of the vynil ??? Nobody will never know !

Reapeating the question... Anybody tried it yet ? or i'll be the first one this spring ?

Hey !! Merci !
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