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remove the tweeter cover (pry it off, there's 3 pegs underneath)

remove the three screws. (if looking at the driver door, 1. behind opening handle, 2. dead-center under armrest handle, 3. top left rear corner area, in the part of the trim hidden when closed.

pry trim ideally with a lisle-tool or bojo pry tool to pop the plastic pegs out of the trim slots. this will take some force but be steady and gentle.

Detail Page for 35400 Door Upholstery Remover - Lisle Corporation
Detail Page for 35350 Door Panel Remover - Lisle Corporation

Bojo 10 PieceTrim Removal/Pry Tools Kit with Pouch on (item 230445106303 end time 14-Mar-10 10:22:46 EDT)

Brilliant and affordable set! (BOJO)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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