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removing the DOHC 16V plate

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does anyone know how the engine cover comes off, so you can see the head a spark plugs

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Keep pulling lol It just kinda clips in place
it pulls right off... use some muscle
i think mine may have had a few bolts holding it on, not positive though
if there are bolts, after them it just comes off by pulling
I tried taking mine off when I didn't have work cuz I wanted to paint it but I was having to really. Pulll hard and it wasn't coming off so I stopped. Don't wanna break it!
Like Anthony said..."use some muscle"! You wont break it-there are no bolts holding it-it pulls right off! Grab it from the two front corners and jiggle it up as you pull up. Perhaps BigE would be so kind as to make a video?? Ehh?
i remember what was held in by bolts now! there was some other unnecessary metal piece in there directly under the cover!
that bugged me all day pretty much
just took it off, kinda hard .i popped the front two and then just man-handled the back two. i saw that bar you were talking about, gonna take that off tomorrow along with the two front plastic studs

thanks for all the help
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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