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Removing the K Emblems??

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Hey all...just picked up my 2.4 6 speed SX Koup last week and have been enjoying it tremendously so far. I put on new center wheel caps on the weekend and just received my K emblems in the mail yesterday. Put on the back emblem and then realized that I mistakenly ordered the badge set for the Forte (not the Koup) so my front grill emblem is smaller then what is there. I was lining it up yesterday though and thought that it wouldn't look too bad on the front grill still even though it is smaller. Any thoughts on this? Also if I do put it on how abouts would you guys suggest removing the K emblem (held up with the 3M sticky tape).
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You could email the sender and try and replace the set you got with the Koup set. That would seem to be a little work though. If you don't think it looks that bad then go for it. As far as removing the K emblem do you mean once you put it on and then get the correct size you would be taking it off? Do the same process you would in removing the Kia emblems. Heat gun or hair dryer and soften up the glue and use some fishing line to peel it off. There's a do it yourself guide in the DIY section on removing emblems.
yeah I tried emailing the sender but it seemed all like a lot of work/money to return them so I just ordered a set of the Koup ones. And yes thanks! that's exactly what I meant, I want to put this one on for now until I get the right size, I just wasn't sure if removing the new emblems could be done in the same way as removing the factory ones.'s the same. All of the badges ( except the front factory badge) are held on with the same 3M tape.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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