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Hummm... Let me see...:

Too much impact harshness combined with too much sidewalk flex when cornering, tread design and compound optimized for low-noise, all-season use (meaning it's neither great on dry pavement nor rain or snow...).

Any high-perf summer tire of the same size, even the lowest rated brand, will head'n shoulder outperform the Koup SX OEM Goodyear LS all-season donuts on dry or wet pavement (even more so if you go to 18inchers..). And we haven't talked about subjective stuff like turn-in response and behavior/feedback at or near the limit of adhesion...


thank you- i knew i'd get a good explanation from someone :)

i just broke 400 miles since 18 june - so i am still in the mostly 'chill' method of driving right now :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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