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Hey there, everybody!

New guy here. I've been lurking for a while, but I just decided to get an account; I've owned my Kia since April, and I've loved every second with the beauty. It's a 2.4-liter SX, red. Fantastic car for the price.

And, given that I'm a student, the main reason I bought it was because the price was low enough to allow for modifications. Specifically, sound.

I've already added in an aftermarket sub - a Pioneer shallow-mount in my trunk powered by a Kicker ZX750 (shallow-mount because I need trunk space for my job). That was easy enough with a wiring kit and LOC, installed by following instructions on this site.

Now, I'm taking a step further with my Christmas bonus. I've decided to plop in a Pioneer AVH-4200 head unit and two aftermarket speakers in the front with a Rockford Fosgate amp powering them in the back. However, from what I gather, I'll need a wiring harness to do this.

Main question: will I be able to get full functionality (aside from the steering wheel) if I use a Scosche HY10B / HY10 and Metra 71-1784? I just want to be able to run the speakers, both amps and sub out of the head unit.

Thanks a lot! And, if it turns out I can use those two harnesses, I'll turn this into a D-113-style headset/speaker installation. If I can find a camera. :p
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