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i learned to drive in an early/mid 70s honda civic in the states to get my lic
(my first speeding ticket)....1 year later...

moved to okinawa- had to learn not only how to drive on the left hand side of the road- but had to do it w/that same left hand drive civic
(2nd speeding ticket).....

then soon as i got my off base lic...i bought a right hand drive honda accord.
(3rd speeding ticket)
had to relearn driving on the left hand side all over again...2 years later- moved back to the states- got a 86 firebird-
(4,5,6 speeding ticket) had to learn how to drive on the right hand side all over again

and all of those cars were sticks.......i tell you- i can't count how many times at an intersection looking to turn- i'd have to figure out which lane i was actually supposed to be in before the light changed......
and now- that i have my first stick shift in over 15 or so years.......
yup- i am waiting on that 7th or is it 8th speeding ticket? lol- i might have missed a ticket somewhere.......but all of my speeding tickets have been in stick shifts..........
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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