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Rim replacement help?

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I got a Forte EX sedan with the 15" tires. I don't really care for the steel rims and plastic covers, so I would like a set of alloys. I don't need anything too pricey or blingy but I think I'd like to keep my 15" tires. I was thinking of a set on this web site/page:

Wheels for 2010 Kia Forte Sedan LX

Should these work ok on the EX based on things such as rim width and offset? Also, will I need a new set of TPMS sensors or should the existing ones be transferable? Finally, any other issues a newbie should be aware of?

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most on there companys have tpms sensors that they sell with the wheels that can be learned to the reciever in the car, but if the sensors in your wheels fit just transfer them over but keep them in the same location on the car so they will not have to be relearned
just search around and find what you like.
IMO if youre gunna put money down for new wheels, i would go for atleast 17's. its not too big and it'll still look good. and you could prolly find some for like 700-800 dollars that are tire and wheel packages that you like. buying 15' rims will prolly run you like 400 anyways so why not? haha but thats just my opinion ;) just look around :)
tire rack has a great package with rims tires and tmps sensors, call them and ask for dexter he is the man!!!
Thanks for the replies so far.

I'd like 17's but I really don't want to shell out more money for tires too. 1) I'm cheap, 2)I'd hate to see the original tires wasting away. Tire and wheel packages almost seem to be $1000. That's quite a bit more than the under $400 (plus mounting) I was going to pay for just 15" rims.

I'm sorry if someone answered this before but will my TPMS sensor transfer over from the old steel rims? If not, this might break the deal on me getting rims since that would be almost another $400.

I want rims that you can't put the balancing weights on the outside (it annoys me to wash around those things).

I'm looking at two tires at tirerack:

This one:

So I hard pasted the link text.

Elbrus I04 Black Machined w/Ice Coating

and this one:

Sport Edition D5 Silver Painted

I'd tried to enter the link to tire rack before in my first post and this post but the link didn't work right. It inserts extra text into it about which isn't part of the original link. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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