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Rims on backo-rder

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Was supposed to be picking up my new Koup tomorrow, with the x-ray rims installed, no dice. they're on back-order, with no info on a time line for them to become available. Buzz kill, oh well, they're gonna let me ride the rims it comes stock with and call me when the back-order ones are available, and they're letting me keep the stock ones too.

sweet rims for some winter tires!
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Sounds like a good deal, for hopefully not too long of a wait :)

Also curious on those x-ray rims.....
I will upload a pic of them wen I get home from work. In the mean time if you goto Kia canada's website and spec out a koup you can see them in the accessory upgrades
Just saw them, they look good. Why does kia love canada so much more than the states? you guys get all the cool stuff. bastards.
Haha it's probably cause they wanna test the waters in a small market before they go bigtime in the states. We also have a huge Asian population which may play some sort of roll haha
geeez three choices for wheels.. how lucky it must be to be there.. oh well lucky 4 me I like the stock wheels but those are cool looking wheels can't wait to see pictures of them on your car
it's cause Canada's middle name is ROCK AND ROLL! or roknroll your choice.. :D
it's cause Canada's middle name is ROCK AND ROLL! or roknroll your choice.. :D
Damn right! :p I run this show! lol jk xD
here's a pic of those x-ray rims


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If I had been able to choose my rims, I would have definitely gotten those!
yeah they are definitely the best IMO, i do wish i can remove the center KIA cap and put something dope in there
By the looks of it, they appear to be the same center caps as the normal SX wheels. They can easily be removed and replaced with something else. I replaced mine with ones that say "Koup". There's a thread about them somewhere...
holy crap, those are stock kia rims?? wow their bad as*s
Well the rims are finally in, the bad news, they aren't even the KIA ones i ordered, they are what look to be ASA AR1's in black.. The dealer is tried to pull a fast one on me and hope I wouldnt notice. Next time Im over their im gonna shit on them and hopefully make a scene.

Anyways I added a picture of what they look like, They're not bad, they're just not what I ordered, and the dealer didnt even have the balls to at least tell me he ordered after markets for me.


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how much were the rims and tires all together?
I didn't see this thread till today but those X-Ray rims you wanted look sweet as hell. I can't believe you had the choice to get those. They are almost exactly what I wanted but I like the classic 5 spoke. Although, if I had the choice I would have chose those for sure. If I were you I would give them lots of shit and get exactly what you wanted. I wouldn't do anything less if it were me. Dealerships are always trying to pull the wool over your eyes which just disgusts me. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
$779.99 CAD, im not sure what these ASA AR1's are worth they gave me
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