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We have been getting a bunch of questions about our Piggyback so I thought I would take some time to answer questions. First off, this device is an easy installed Electronic device with its own microprocessor. What the piggy does is remap the stock fuel curves. Factory fuel curves are a bit rich and rob the engine of power and even mileage. We trim out fuel where needed and even add fuel in certain spots (rpms). We spent hours on the dyno maximizing these fuel curves and it is really the best mod you can do to these engines if you are N/A. Furthermore this is giving power to other things like an intake an exhaust. Lastly, we dyno 4 h.p. and 6 ft lbs. of torque. This is really more than it sounds. Why? An exhaust can give you a few h.p. but you will only get that improvement in the last 1000 rpms before redline. Is that practical? Not really. It is good but what is better is getting the power over a large range of rpms and in the rpms you are likely to be using. That is what the piggy does. Give you power over a larger range and down in the 3000s+
ALso the unit comes with software so you can custom tune but I doubt you will get much improvement unless you went ,big cam, header ro hi-comp pistons.

1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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