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Click on the link below to check out the first released images of the RRM Kia Forte for SEMA 2010

RRM Kia Forte SEMA Project | RoadRace Motorsports

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i think the spoiler looks like a nissan GT-R but looks good tho
Should have been this color

The rims look damn nice, kindof a cross between enkei and bbs.
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i'm liking the orange to red fade..

but i think you should've kept the rear extension kinda the stock color of matte black
where can i get that spoiler?
^^^Good luck trying to get info from RRM, I have inquired about the rear window spoiler and Black Aluminium alloy fuel door almost a month ago and I got an email the next day saying let me check....haven't heard anything since then....don't even bring up the whole grill issue...I think they should change their name to RPP....Real Phantom Products....just my two cents..
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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