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Rodents nesting in air filter....awesome.

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So the yesterday I decided to check my air filter randomly. This is what I found:

A mixture of sticks, feathers, canvas string, weeds, cotton batting and some metal shavings. I kinda freaked out, thinking holy hell how did my car even breathe through all that :( it's not just sitting on the top's deep into every little groove.

I took my mom's Soul up to Auto Zone to get a new filter and then took the car up to the dealership today filter in hand. They immediately said it was some kinda mouse/rodent nesting in my car. That's comforting.

I'm 99% sure this is happening at work and not home. My car is parked 4 nights a week at work in a garage sometimes without being moved for up to 48 hours. I'm going to tell them they need to set traps or exterminate or whatever in the garage but I'm kinda freaking out. I typed "Mice nesting in air filter" into Google and I got tons of horror stories about mice destroying wiring and dying in the filters and causing nasty smells and yeah just total gross stuff. I'm thinking of parking my car outside while I'm at work but that sucks because I like the safety of the garage.
Should I put a little screen over the intake part?? Also I've read a lot about mice in cabin air filters...I should probably check that too but I'm not sure where it is lol.

Ugh this is so annoying.
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Cabin filter is behind the glovebox... I've seen more in the glovebox than under the hood..
WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! That's freaking crazy sh*t there... I'm surprised they didn't eat through the filter, into the TB.... WOW, I'm speechless...
So they were coming in through the scoop at the front or do you modified your air intake in anyway? I'm with you, I don't know how your car was even running!
Similar thing happened to me when I installed an aftermarket Specter air filter. In my case I just had rodent droppings inside the heat shield. I understood why I had rodents because my heat shield was left open and was easy for rodents to nest in, but your situation is more unique. I would definitely let your dealership know because this has the potential to be threatening to your car if it happens again. A neighbor of mine owns a 2004 BMW Z4 and he stores his car away for the winter. What he does to keep mice out of the engine is he puts moths balls inside of his engine compartment. For whatever reason if this happens again or you would rather be safe than sorry I would suggest putting a few moth balls in certain areas in the engine compartment. I haven't done this to my Koup but my neighbor told me the moth balls smell terrible and the smell doesn't go away that easily. So only do this if it become very serious. The Z4 is a convertible and he can still smell mothballs when he's driving one month after taking the car out of storage.
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Hey btw let your co-workers know what happened to your car too lol. See if their cars had any mice make nests in their engine compartments because I'm curious to know if the Koup attracts mice more than other cars. Like the reason I had mice is because I left my Koup on my driveway as opposed to the garage because it was more convenient. But at the time my parents had their cars, a 2001 Hyundai XG 300 and a 2004 Honda Pilot also in the driveway but their cars never had any mice build a nest in their engine compartments. I think I'm going to buy a cat and put him on a leash that's attached to my grille on my Koup when I come home :rolleyes:
Maybe it's the little rapper hamsters you see in the Kia commercials! Lmao
Dam That sucks..

I'd get decon rat posion screw the traps kill that mouse!
I'm glad you checked your air flilter I'm also another person who is suprised that your car was able to run like that.
put some mothballs in a ziplock bag with holes poked in it and place it in the intake box, check it every couple of days..
Just a thought but how long was your car sitting at the dealership? if you didnt find any mice in the filter this may have been a nest from previously sitting at the dealership. As u fixed the issue i would continue to do what you have been (parking in garage) and see if it happens again if it dosent then it most likely happend at the dealership
Yeah to my knowledge they crawled up the intake. Here in a little bit I'll be checking the cabin air filter. I really hope there's nothing in there too.
I've never seen a mouse at work. (It's just a regular garage like at a house, not a parking garage) but that doesn't mean that there aren't any. I reallllllly don't think it's from at home because I've never had a problem with any other car and neither has my mom. And also there's like 545345 strays running around this neighborhood. I like the idea of just tying a cat to the car hahah.

If I put moth balls in the engine bay will I have to remove them when I drive? Otherwise they'll just fall out, right? I'm not really sure how I'd go about doing that. During the weekends I drive my car multiple times a day so that'd be annoying, but the car is also parked at home so it should be ok.
I'm calling my work on monday and making them send someone over to exterminate and if for some reason there's more issues with my car I'm gonna fight to have them pay for it. I'm thinking of parking in the front on the far end of the driveway until I know the mice are gone from the garage :( But I hate parking my car outside!
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And hahahhah at the hamsters...that's funny. BUT! If it was them, I think they'd pick my mom's Soul parked out front instead of my Koup! hahaha
Just a thought but how long was your car sitting at the dealership? if you didnt find any mice in the filter this may have been a nest from previously sitting at the dealership. As u fixed the issue i would continue to do what you have been (parking in garage) and see if it happens again if it dosent then it most likely happend at the dealership
(Sorry for all the posts, I keep forgetting things!)

I think they said it was at the dealership under two weeks. Plus the service guys were using it to drive and get things like lunch on almost a daily basis. I realllly hope this didn't come from the dealership 'cause then I'd be really pissed lol

what the hell is that o_0

did you modified your air intake in anyway ???
Nope it's all stock!!

I checked my cabin air filter and it was full of bugs (gross) but no nests, so that's good. I also took off the air intake and hose and made sure there was nothing stuck in there. All clean now!
Going back to your car being used for lunches or what not...Isn't that considered that this car was used as a dealer tester vehicle? I know the Black Sedan my fiance owns was driven like that, which we were told about, and they gave us a discount ($2k) off the price of the car which had about 1300 miles on it because they considered it a "TESTER"...Sorry about the mice.

Actually I saw little droppings when I threw in a new air cabin filter a few weeks ago. Nothing like what you had and definitely no nest. I put down traps in the garage at home and in 2 days I caught 3 mice. I am sure there are more but haven't caught any since. Hopefully I eradicate them to the fullest. It's unnerving isn't it???
If I were you I would just buy a new air filter and hope the mice don't make another visit. The only thing I would be worried about is if the mice decide to chew the wiring. Air filters can be replaced easily. Just be sure you check your wiring so you can be confident you won't have any failures while driving. In the Army before we go out on convoys we do a PMCS on the vehicles. I would suggest doing one every week to your car until you're confident the mice aren't an issue anymore.

Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Here's a good story.

Problem Solve this! :

Problem Solve this!

Posted on May 11, 2009
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I was going to help Mark bleed the brakes and I said, “it reaks in here, what were you doing?” (chirp chirp) No response. I look over and there’s a dead stinking mouse stuck in the rocker panel under the driver’s door.
I figure this thing has been baking in the 95 degree Texas sun for at least 4 days.
My first thought is a little olive oil and a pair of pliers. I suspect most of the guts have sunk to the bottom half of the mouse on the inside of the frame panel. If we cut it out, the car will stink forever because there is no way to get it out without cutting the frame of the car.
Any other bright ideas?


2 Responses to “Problem Solve this!”
  1. <LI class=alt id=comment-99>admin on May 11th, 2009 1:49 pm If you try to take it out, it will disintegrate and stink forever. I recommend a high pressure washer and try to blow it out with hot water.
  2. Kate_Wade on May 11th, 2009 1:51 pm There’s no way to blow it out. The hole it went through is the largest hole in the rocker panel. Mark would have to cut it apart at the welds to get inside.

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