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Rollin shots of my new rims :D

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Check it out guys! My friend is a pretty pro photographer, and I was out on a cruise with a few other car group buddies. Check them outtt :D

MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME! Its my fb profile pic.. <3

And here are a few stills

Check out those lipssss :)

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Looks good but the trim running down the door kills the cars lines.
You runnin' a red light? I keed.
Pics look g00d, any other plans?
looks great fas!
Looks amazing in motion.. like moving art ;)
Love your car... I'm a fan :)
pretty amazing!!! those rim looks real sick!
Very nice Fas. I can only hope that my car will look as good when I get the rims I want this summer. My only problem is I can't decide what colour to paint my calipers. Red looks good on anything, but it might clash with the Orange/Black offset I'm going for.
are you lowered on eibach springs?
Noppeee, these rims are just 18's :) So they fill up the wheel well better! Just wait until I DO LOWER her on Eibachs :D That will be EPIC. Next month... just cross your fingers...
LOWER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
if you lower it, i suggest you stiffen up the front of the car for hard cornering. might save a toyo! lol
You runnin' a red light? I keed.
Pics look g00d, any other plans?
"I keed." <----- Uhm... I confused...

And yeah I wanna get a front and rear sway bar with lowering springs. Catback from TK. CF hood. Somewhere down the road, get a GOOD set of coilovers.

Those rims match perfectly!
Thanks!!! I had a friend simply convince me that this would look so much better on my ride, and the other ones I wanted were on back order.... Plainly put, these rims were just MEANT TO BE!
I'm kidding, --> I kid, --> I keed.
Sounds like you have a good amount of work left for teh koupe. good deal.
get the high flow cat too.....
go with ultraracing suspension, best out there....(only thing out there) lol
Looks sick fas! I'm getting 18's too!! Just got my TK cat back and high flow cat. You'll love it! Just need to turbo that koup and you'll be set :)
those rims are D-LISH! HAWT! i love the red
nice ride girl :)
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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