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Rotary swap using 2013 Nissan 370z rwd drive train and transmission

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I have done some digging around recently and I’ve found some information that could be useful to doing any engine swaps on our beloved 1st gens with a 61.6” rear track(same as 2013 nissan370z!). I want to find a salvageable mazda rotary to revive, get a cheap totaled 2013 370z manual on co part hopefully anything with front end damage will have a salvageable trans and rear drive train. I’ll get this adapter for it- Mazda Rotary 13B 20B 26B to Nissan 6 Speed 350Z 370Z 350ZHR 370ZHR Transmission Adaptation Kit
Hopefully the space in the engine bay is plenty, I need to look into dimensions to know if this would even swap in. I need to figure out what to do with the from wheel drive of the Kia, what to replace it with. I know it’s a lot of welding but that’s what I’m currently in school for. Anyway please let me know if any suggestions,(i’m new to the form but I’ve been a ghost for a 2 years)
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