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Safety Belt Indicator

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Hi all,
Just wonder if you don't fasten your seat belt, will the indicator on your meter panel keeps blinking and starts to warn you after driving above 20KM? Mine doesn't.:(
Please advice....
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ehhh, buckle up man!
I agree with hc sil buckle up man, the life you may save may be your own .
i think his question is up there w/the question that was posted else where-
does your door open even if the locks are on and you are going fast?

which brings up interesting question.....

what other interesting safety issues are lurking?
after all- my ole 95 grand am- doors wouldnt open no matter what if the car was in drive....
well- we've heard stories that fortes doors can open regardless of speed.......
so- if we add to it- that the seat belt chime turns off the sooner the faster you go.....

what other suprisingly scary safety issues do we have lurking?

i do love my car- and yes- the door does open right up regardless of how fast i go....
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Safety Belt signal

Dear all forte fellows, i am driving with safety belt fastened. But still, my question is when i don't buckle up, the safety belt warning doesn't illuminate. Normally when the safety belt is not buckled, it will blink right? But mine doesn't do so.....HELP!!!!
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