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Hi guys

I'm actually a hyundai veloster turbo owner and i'm setting up a catch can group buy for the Saikou Michi catch can. Since you guys have basically the same platform as us, i would like to invite you guys to this group buy.

The reason why i went with the Saikou Michi catch can is because it's a very simple can with a great design, reasonably priced, and has many different draining options. You can read a step by step guide of how the saikou michi catch can is made here

Since Saikou Michi does not advertise and only depends on word of mouth, i thought this would be a good time to set up another group buy for all those that are looking for a reasonably priced and simple catch can with lots of options. Plus Mr Saikou has great customer service and responds to emails quickly. Is there any interest?

After discussing with Mr Saikou about details of starting another group buy, here are details if a group buy starts

You can sign up using the following link

Since I am lazy and don't want to keep updating a list like the other group buys on this forum, I have created a google doc that you can put your name and what you want to order. Please be respectful and only enter/edit your own posting.

Single Tank (inlet/outlet both 3/8"): $65
Dual Tank (inlet 3/8", outlet 1/2"): $130
Drain Extension $10
1/4 turn Valve $10
6 foot 3/8" hose & clamps $7.00
3ft 1/2" hose & 9ft 3/8" hose & 8 matching clamps $19.00

If you would like to have different sized port sizes, you will have to note in your order

US postage single tank only $11
US postage dual tank only $13.50
US postage Tank and/or ext and/or hose kits $13.50

CAN single tank only postage $17 usd
CAN dual tank only postage $26 usd
CAN tank and/or ext and/or hose kits $26 usd
*Bigger packages will need quote

The stock colors are: Matte Black,Semi-Gloss Black, Glossy Black, Gloss White, and Brushed Aluminum
I have other common solid colors, they look nice : Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Machine Gray, Medium Blue, etc.
And the logo colors have similar choices if you have a specific color scheme in mind. Just ask.

Single Tank Catch Can

Dual Tank Catch Can

Internal Design

Example of a setup

Draining options


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The sign up sheet will be closing today and you may start placing your orders in today. This group buy will be active from 08Feb2016 to 22Feb2016.

Paypal shall be the primary method of payment. You can place your order in 2 different ways:
1) Directly send payment via Paypal to [email protected]
2) Email [email protected] for a Paypal invoice

For members that are not comfortable with Paypal, Saikou Michi can receive US Postal Money orders. You will need to e-mail them in advance so they can save a slot and give you the mailing information.

In order to receive group buy pricing, you MUST include “VELOSTER TURBO GB 2016” as the subject heading in the subject header in the message to recipient in Paypal or the subject header in your email for an invoice.

For non-USA/Canada buyers, please email Saikou Michi Co. at [email protected] to request a shipping quote. For Canada buyers, it has been decided shipping is via first class parcel. Non-USA buyers, please use the header “VELOSTER TURBO GB 2016 — NON USA” in lieu of previously mentioned header.

Please ensure that your order includes:
1) how many of which catch can,
2) what color catch can/logo,
3) how many drain extension/turn valves/hose/clamp kits,
4) shipping address.
A friendly message would be nice too to thank Mr. Saikou for doing this group buy.

Please note that the postage of a dual OCC will just be the same as a tank with Drain Extension (US: $13.50, CAN: $26 usd) as anything over the single tank would cost about the same postage wise.

Please calculate appropriately the total of your items plus shipping if you are directly sending payment via Paypal. Otherwise there will be delays in your order until discrepancies are addressed.

For any custom orders, please Saikou Michi for a quote for any additional costs.

As each catch can is made to order, please note that the usual turn around time is 2-3 weeks, and the order they make/send out the cans will be in the order they received payment.

Please also note that you no longer have to sign up using the sign up sheet.
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