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San Antonio Heat Wave

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Its that time of year again folks! Heat wave is now coming to San Antonio may 28th and 29th.

For meet up location and information on the show such as registration price, please refer to the link:


subscribe to the thread so you will be aware of updates.

if you have not done so already, please sign up, and make a post saying hi in our texas roll call thread. this thread will not be updated so please take the time and sign up at and get ready for the San Antonio Heat Wave

this is big this year you guys and we have a Giant forte scene in Texas. it'd be nice to get all of the san antonio and austin members at least.
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Ive been to the San Antonio Heat Wave and wasnt impressed.....Idk just doesnt add up to Austin's one bit. So Idk if Ill be doing this year.....BUT Austin's Heatwave is my life...I will be there as I have for the past 6 yrs.
this will be my first year attending any of the heat wave meets. i know austin's is huge but it should still be fun. nevertheless, we're trying to get everybody used to coming to meets more regularly. the more we can gather up at one spot, the more we'll get used to it and it will become something we do every month or two rather than 1 a year haha

my buddy in austin has a forte sedan and we've started creating a Team for texas. here's his number if you want to get a hold of him 512 506 0716. he's going to be the austin chapter leader of the group. we've already got decals in the making and im working with a friend to create the website.
Yea trust me, Austin does it big....all weekend there is somthing going on....Even when it comes down to the Concert night. Okay yeah that sounds good, just let me know if yall wanna meet up I was just in SA yesterday for the Spurs game (Heartbroken btw ha) and didnt see many Forte's! so it felt good taking mine down there finally!
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