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If the sratch is on the surfaces, you may be able to remove it using a medium or even a light grade scratch remover. If the scratch has dugged into the plastic itself, then you'll need to smooth it out and paint it.

Just the other day, I was making a turn and I went over a dip. I thought the front end was sufficiently high enough to not scrape the bottom. Well, I was wrong. I scraped the front-right underside of the bumper facia. Fortunately, the damage was limited to about a 1" x 2" area. You can't really see the damage until you are at the level of the lower front grill. Well, after I got over my grief, I gently sanded the rough surfaces with a 200 grit sand paper, went over with a 600 grit, then a 1000 grit, and finished it off with a plain paper to really make it smooth (this only works on plastic). I didn't sand down to remove all the deep groove since I did not want to alter the shape of the area. I painted the area using Honda black (I got this many years ago for my bike). It seemed to match well with the SX black, but then the painted area is underneath the car, so I can't get a good sunlight onto it. In any case, the scrap is no longer obvious. I'll be going over the area with a clear top coat this morning.

A word of condolence: I feel for you. I know the pain, but we car lovers have to get over it. Here's what my son said to me one day as I was trying to fix his toy, "Dad, it's only a toy".... It is only a toy, isn't it?
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