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search function loophole/flaw

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k, I wanna search for a Lip Kit but the search function vetos anything 3 letters or the $^%*@ am i supposed to search for Lip Kit????? it's a stupid feature of the search function(i think), although I can see why it might make it easier to narrow searches.....still a pain in the ass.
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good thinkin....i'm glad there's some smart people on
good thinkin....i'm glad there's some smart people on
lols. Anyways if you still wanna do the separate word searches like "lip kit"

go to google and type this in: "lip kit"
our computers at work-
the search feature allows wildcards......
search: *lip*kit* (the * is the wildcard)
so even if lipkit is one word- it will still hit on it.
its lip stick kit- it will hit on it.
(i find myself using that function everywhere else......argh- to no

lol and grtwhshk - i see you are in the singapore forum - woot! or is it la?
now that i've got more folks checking them out- i am going to have to pay extra attention to mods i find there and then think about posting here :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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