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ok- now that i am getting a set of the BMW seat belt holders-
i am seriously looking into "cleaning" up the scarring that has occured so far....
from what i see- i have 2 types of plastic that is involved
1)the softer matte plastic on the vertical part that holds the seat belt over your shoulder(the door jamb)
2)that really hard plastic horizontal piece right below the window- the glossy one- not the matte....(that one-its just one single scratch-thinking a diamond ring or something similar did it)

since i've been reading this forum for several months prior to buying my koup- i knew about the problem.........
but- havent been able to keep the few passengers from just letting the seatbelt flop on out as if they were ejecting themselves out of the car--- not to mention- how heavy they think the doors are when they slam them.

then-i had a 2 flash backs- '
1)my model airplane days- and using "future" floor polish stuff
see this link for more info - The Complete Future
and 2) scratches on my plastic lensed eyeglasses when i had no chance or time to get them fixed...and using mop-n-glo to strip off the 'non-reflective coating and lessen the haze of scratches-- dunno- i got that idea off all those infomericals advertising stuff to clean up your eyeglass lenses..........

so has anyone tried either of these products (or any others) to remove the scratching - or at least minimize its visability?

perhaps someone w/a car going to the scrapheap could test them out and patent the idea? (gotta look for the grain of gold in every misfortune)
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